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About Me


It's me! The face behind the lens!

My name is Christina Huerta or better known as "Stina."  I've loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I used to have collages and collages of photos of my friends on my walls growing up. I first learned to take pictures in high school in a film photography class and as a photographer for the yearbook. I have a Bachelor's degree in communication (Journalism) and I've worked as a freelance journalist/photographer for my local newspaper.

My goal at Oh Snap! Photography is to take pictures of your family as they are. That means I try to make the best use of natural light and minimal props.

I prefer to just capture you as you are in the moment.

Posing is nice, but candids are my favorite!

When i'm not taking pictures I like to hike, read, play soccer, travel and hang out with my family.  Nature is my jam! It's how I find awesome locations for your photos. I'm a landscape/nature photography hobbyist. I also watch a ton of Netflix while I edit, so send all your favorite movies/shows my way!


I  own and operate Oh Snap! Studio in Ogden.

A rentable, co-op natural light studio for creators

and also a space that I make available to my clients

if they'd like a studio option. 

Thanks for visiting! If you like what you see, let's book something!


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